The Fitzgerald’s Watch Team Could Have Been Mine

On my ToDo list is to submit an update to this piece:

I was so excited to have T&P select it for publication.

And I was nervous about what my fellow naval officers might say about it. It generated quite the online discussion, most of it supportive.

An update is due because since I wrote this, the official investigations have come out. They have validated my story in some ways. And in other ways, their watch team and mine were different.

p.s. Before I submitted this, I laboriously labored to cut out all the fat and was left with a lean 3,000 word story. The editor replied essentially with “This is good. Make it 1,000 words and send it back.” I thought it would be impossible. But after some effort, I have to admit, the smaller version was better. All action. No distractions.

Find the piece here:

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