Get an autographed copy of Limericks in Arms – and support a good cause.

I have written one, and only one, limerick in my entire life and it was for a good cause.

Guitars 4 Vets is an organization that provides music therapy and musical instruments free of charge to veterans of all eras suffering from PTSD.

Self-described “Army brat” and self-professed limerick addict Gary Hunt announced in the military newspaper Stripes that he was accepting submissions for his third book of limericks, Limericks in Arms, with all profits going to Guitars 4 Vets.

Mr. Hunt said, “The way it works, if you send me a limerick, whether if it’s good or bad, I’ll put it in the book,” Hunt told Stars and Stripes by phone Wednesday. “Just about everyone who has a limerick with their name in the book will hopefully buy a copy or two.”

Finally, the kind of publishing chances I like. 🙂 So, I did something I’ve never done before. I wrote a limerick.

He sold out his limited run of 175 copies earning $1,150 for Guitars 4 Vets. I loved the idea of everyday people taking charge and doing something good even if it is of modest scale. If everyone did a little, the world would be so much better. It was definitely a fun and rewarding fundraiser.

Plus, the book is awesome. Written by dozens of diverse authors, including some veteran authors I recognized, the limericks are funny, touching, silly, poignant, weird, informative, sad, creative, happy…

My limerick is entitled “True Story” and it is. Saying more would be a spoiler!

I wanted to sweeten the pot. So, I’ll “auction off” an autographed copy of the book with my limerick appropriately highlighted.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You donate (any amount) to Guitars 4 Vets before July 31st.
  2. Tell me how much you donated (see below for ways to contact me).
  3. The biggest donation gets an autographed copy of Limericks in Arms shipped at my expense after sharing a picture of the donation receipt.
  4. Feel great for supporting veterans with PTSD, whether you won the autographed copy or not!

Ways to tell me you’ve donated:

1. Use the Connect with James option on this website.

2. Send an email to:

3. Connect on Facebook:

4. Connect on Twitter:

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