Afghanistan Withdrawal – Writings and Appearances

My favorite activity…Outside the FOB near the village of Nawa

Like many Afghanistan veterans, my feelings on developments there are many and complicated as Biden first announced a complete withdrawal of troops and then later an acceleration of that withdrawal.

I first wrote that the withdrawal did not mean that the Taliban had won:

View at

And appeared on NBC San Diego to briefly discuss it:

Since then, the Taliban have made worrisome gains, and I worry that the Afghan government might fall without critical American support. The last time the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they hosted terrorists who attacked the American homeland on 9/11.

I got the opportunity to go back on NBC San Diego with some brief thoughts:

Only time will tell. If the Afghan forces and government hold it together, we will have truly won the war in Afghanistan. If they don’t, it will prove our withdrawal was unwise and could be a disaster for the United States, not to mention the Afghan people, who deserve better than Taliban rule.

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