Ongoing Afghanistan Crisis Appearance – 11/1/21

10/31/21 – NBC 7 San Diego appearance

Very grateful to NBC 7 San Diego’s Allie Raffa for keeping this personal, important, and ongoing issue in the news, while allowing me to make it personal for her viewers.

Things YOU can do to help:

1) Write/call your elected officials and demand to know what they are doing to reduce the processing backlog.

2) Donate to organizations that are working this issue.

3) Donate to my GoFundMe to directly help an affected Afghan who is in danger:

This effort is personal to me. I am in almost daily contact with an Afghan man who risked his life to support our war effort, got left behind in America’s evacuation, and is now on the run. I will do what I can, but I need your help.

Please see his story and considering joining the team to help save his family here:

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